RZAPS - SinoVision Media Office Expansion in NYC Completed


Contact: Denise Galon

NEW YORK, NY - SinoVision was launched in 1990 as the Chinese language television program provider serving the Chinese-American community in the New York City Metropolitan Region. Growing quickly they needed to expand into new office space to bring together their staff into one building. The new space, whose interior were designed by RZAPS, brings the entire company under one roof at Queens Crossing, a prominent office building in Flushing, Queens (a regional center of Asian-American life).

The project adds offices, conference areas; and includes a studio for on-air interviews. RZAPS introduced abundant natural light into the work areas through translucent partitions allowing light to flood through to improve the working environment for the staff and visitors. More importantly, the space is a refined, eye-catching office design, and has been embraced as great place to work.

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RZAPS - SinoVision Media Office Expansion in NYC Completed