20 years


20th Anniversary Message from RZAPS 

We started out with the dream of creating a prosocial practice, one where innovation and practicality would converge. Our ideal was to avoid both the compromises of satisfying the whims of entitled patrons and the suffocating weight from being a cog in the real estate and development industries – in other words: we intended to avoid most ways that architects in New York City make a living!


Have we been successful? I believe that our practice has been able to thread the eye of the proverbial needle and that we have developed a rewarding portfolio of public-use and community focused projects.


For our success we are grateful to our collaborators: clients, community stakeholders, and our fellow professionals. Only with them alongside us have we been able to hone our craft through our filter of values.


Given the challenges that we must confront as professionals and as residents of the planet, we promise that for the next twenty years we shall continue to work to reach the ideals that are the underpinnings of our practice.


Ricardo Zurita, AIA

Founder and Principal