Our Commitment to Design Excellence

We are driven to produce finely crafted practical designs for buildings and spaces that elevate the human experience for work, leisure and recreation

RZAPS - Zurita Architects-Vision
RZAPS - Zurita Architects-Vision

Our Guiding Principles

CONTEXTUAL: The influences of site characteristics, environmental conditions and historical context are thoughtfully considered in our designs

PRACTICAL: We establish design pathways that maximize pragmatic outcomes including function and efficiency

BALANCE: Our designs must produce the perfect balance between being innovative and respecting the past

INTEGRITY: In our practice we adhere to upholding a code of high moral and artistic values which in turn assist our designs to have qualities of wholeness and durability

EXPERTISE: We use our experience and established reputation to expertly develop our designs and to navigate the process of public approvals

Responding to Today’s Challenges

Our responsibility is to ensure that our designs provide for environmental sustainability, and resilience from the effects of climate change

RZAPS - Zurita Architects-Vision
RZAPS - Zurita Architects-Vision

The Design Process and Public Review

Like a well-choreographed dance, during the process of public review and community engagement, we embrace the dual roles as designers and advocates for the project. The connection between our practice and what transpires in the public eye is intertwined.
We navigate complex processes of approvals and public review.
We provide project support with municipal and town zoning, planning & architectural design boards
We provide support for design reviews by community boards and stakeholder groups.
We provide support with review by public agencies including Public Design Commission, City Planning Commission, Landmarks & Preservation Commission.
We provide project support for major land use projects that require approvals through the NYC Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP).

Ricardo Zurita

Founder and principal of the firm, Ricardo Zurita was born in Quito, Ecuador, and raised in Queens, New York City.

He believes that architects have parallel roles in society: as creative forces and as stewards of the city. He is committed to working within the public realm, and he understands that any addition to the city of a work of architecture, no matter how small, has a social impact.

RZAPS - Zurita Architects-Vision